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As part of an ongoing effort to make the life of contributors and developers easier, we have done some housekeeping in the OpenERP documentation branches on Launchpad.
The documentation tree had been steadily increasing in size with the number of contributed translations, and for legacy reasons there were also multiple branches of the OpenERP documentation on LaunchPad, adding confusion on top of the bulkiness.

A few words on the main improvements:

Repository size
Thanks to the recent upgrade of the repository format for our Launchpad branches, the new optimized format takes orders of magnitude less space than the old one (77 Mb for the whole repository), making the checkout process reasonably fast.

Unique branch (trunk)
There is from now on only one source branch for the whole documentation: lp:openobject-doc/trunk. This is the only branch you need to contribute into. Moreover, this branch is automatically synchronized with the documentation website (specifically the published english sections such as the functional doc, the developer book, etc.). That is, your contributions will be visible online, just a few hours after pushing them.

We’re not planning to have separate documentation trees for the stable and trunk versions. Anything that is specific to the next major release (trunk/development/5.2) will be clearly indicated, and the rest is assumed to refer to the latest stable release.

Last but not least, this new documentation branch offers full write access to all members of the OpenERP Community (~openerp-community).

How to upgrade?

If you are curious about the contents of the various former branches, everything has been merged into the new unique branch, including the latest documentation updates and translations.

Technically, the trunk branch was spun off the former features branch. This means that if you have an existing local copy of features, it should be sufficient to update the parent location in the branch.conf file that is located inside your local branch. It should now refer to the trunk branch as follows (.bzr/branch/branch.conf):

  parent_location = bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp-community/openobject-doc/trunk/

If you were working on any other branch, the easiest method is probably to grab a fresh copy of the new branch (which should be quite fast) :

  > bzr branch lp:openobject-doc

(export your local changes as a patch if you want to re-apply them on the new branch)


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